LAPIS Analytics

LAPIS Analytics specializes in custom index creation for our institutional client. We transform a client's investment ideas into a financial index...

Institutional Clients

The LAPIS Dividend Yield Value Fund reflects our expertise as a disciplined investor. The Fund strives for consistent long term...

Private Clients

LAPIS’ proud origin in wealth management extends over many years of client focused Swiss Precision Asset Management.

We are a Swiss Asset Management Company with a global presence and our head office in picturesque Lugano. We are a Swiss Limited company regulated by the Swiss Association of Asset managers / SAAM.



The LAPIS25 is a home of durable, steady, stable, investments in large cap high dividend paying shares.

The LAPIS25 is our unique creation. This fund is actively managed and includes strict passive elements. Our rules dictate our investment decisions, as we actively apply our bespoke algorithm - on a quarterly basis - to search for investment outperformance in high dividend paying large companies (companies with a market capitalisation in excess of $25,000,000,000 USD).


The LAPIS Core Investment Strategies take a balanced approach to investment, ensuring that the portfolio is regularly rebalanced.

The foundation of the LAPIS Core Portfolio construction is the understanding that a diversified portfolio will - over time - outperform any single asset class. The cyclical nature of the business (and investment cycle) is one main reason why the LAPIS Core portfolio has since inception (and will into the future) stand the test of time as an investment approach.