11 October 2017


Our investment philosophy at LAPIS Asset Management Ltd is based on several principles. As some of these principles are not a matter of common knowledge, it is worth to repeat them. Subsequently you will find a description of these principles and hence the LAPIS Way of investing our client's assets.

We are studiously seeking to understand the changes in the financial markets and in the market conditions in order to create a holistic investment experience for our clientele.

We offer valuable and comprehensible investment strategies along with high liquidity (our clients have access to their funds within 24 hours). Due to our transparency, our clients exactly know how and where their assets have been invested at any given time.

We have a determined single-minded approach to creating funds and investment solutions, which are designed to generate steady investment returns over the medium to long term. At the same time, our investment solutions are associated with measurably lower volatility for short-term peace of mind.

We strive to identify decisive criteria in determining which assets are suitable for investment and then apply a disciplined precisely defined investment methodology. This is one reason why we use Swiss Precision Asset Management in our company logo.

We are focused on the long-term growth of the assets placed under our care and management. From the very conceptualization of our indexes, investment funds and mandates, we think about how they will perform for many years into the future.

We engineer and build our products with designed longevity in order to benefit from the positive effect of compounding. In contrast to many other funds, our investment solutions are relatively attractive during both normal market conditions and market corrections.

We have a keen appreciation for the responsibility of institutional clients in their role of selecting appropriate asset managers and we are acutely aware of how much effort our private clients have expended in acquiring their investment savings. We therefore try to invest the assets of our clients as safe as possible.

We successfully run our business for many years and have a compelling track record. We continuously compare our performance to other asset managers and try to improve and refine our unique investment approach if required.

We compare the performance of our investment solutions using the highest standards of academic research and it is with some satisfaction that we can point to several research articles, which demonstrate our success. On registration on our website www.LAPIS25.com every client will have access to the academic research (and the results included in these reports on our Analytics website).

We have confidence in our investing future based on a proven successful history of generating class leading investment performance.

The purpose of this paper is to explain the LAPIS Way of investing. It is not to be understood as a buy recommendation of any investment product. If you have any questions or need more information please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

The LAPIS25 Team

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