28 September 2017


LAPIS Asset Management Ltd is an asset management company based in Lugano. The company offers asset management services to private and institutional clients around the world, both onshore and offshore. The investment strategies are based on the LAPIS core portfolio, which is the intellectual property of LAPIS Asset Management Ltd. In addition to attractive, easy-to- follow and well diversified investment strategies, a high degree of cost transparency is also one of the strengths of LAPIS Asset Management Ltd. It also assures clients that they can access their assets at all times.

In addition to the LAPIS core portfolio, LAPIS Asset Management Ltd also invests in dividend stocks. For example, it has maintained the LAPIS Top 25 Dividend Yield Index, its own stock index with a focus on dividend returns, since October 2015. Working with global asset manager GAM (Luxembourg) S.A., it developed a related stock fund – the LAPIS Top 25 Dividend Yield Fund – in 2016. The fund is maintained in USD (with tranches for distributions, reinvestments and institutional investors) and GBP (with a tranches for distributions). LAPIS Asset Management Ltd has also published another index, the LAPIS MidCap 50 Dividend Yield Index.

LAPIS Asset Management Ltd is convinced of the advantages of pursuing a dividend strategy and consequently the use of a dividend fund. However, the question is whether an investment strategy with a focus on dividend stocks can achieve better long-term returns than, for example, a traditional stock index. Therefore, as part of a bachelor thesis LAPIS Asset Management first determined the historical dividend returns. LAPIS Asset Management also looked at the differences in performance among the world’s largest dividend funds. In summary, the LAPIS Asset Management Ltd bachelor thesis shows, on the basis of scientific facts and empirical research, the benefits of top dividend investment.

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